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ACF2 reports in the panels cannot find generation 0 in a GDG


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Running report ACFRPTPP in the ACF2 panel,  if the SMF input is looking for GDG(0), it shows up as DSN NOT FOUND.

------------------- ACFRPTPP - CA ACF2 SMF Record Pre      INPUT DSN NOT FOUND
COMMAND ===>                                                                  
 Specify SMF Input Data Set Names (RECIN1 or LOGSTREAM Yes is required)       
    RECIN1    ===> SMF.DAILY(0)    

When this is tried in batch, the correct GDG is found.  The batch JCL shows:


IEF285I   SMF.DAILY.G0003V00                KEPT   
IEF285I   VOL SER NOS= TSOB01.                                

Is this a bug in the ACF2 CLIST?



Release : 16.0

Component : CA ACF2 for z/OS


The problem is not in ACF2, but what ISPF supports.  IBM documents that 

ISPF does not support:

Generation data group (GDG) base data sets

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