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QI118W - Error(s) found in the SETUP member


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Reviewing the setup member INSMAIN gets the following error :

QI118W - Error(s) found in the SETUP member.

See Messages column for details.


What does the QI118W message mean?






missing message description


Release : 20.0

Component : General Services for DB2


From the panel help for QI118W

The QI118W message indicates that the SETUP member contains one or more
DB2 subsystems whose version information is either:
- Not valid
- Not supported by this release of CA Database Management Solutions
for DB2 for z/OS
See the Messages column for specific DB2 subsystem messages.

To edit the SETUP global parmlib member, press the END key repeatedly
until you return to the Post-Install Tailoring menu. Then, select option
1 (SETUP), and then option 2 (Global) on the Parameter Setup Menu. Edit
the SETUP member to specify a valid DB2 version and mode or function an
catalog level. You can then return to the DB2 Catalog Customization Tasks
and complete the work on the subsystem.