QI118W - Error(s) found in the SETUP member
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QI118W - Error(s) found in the SETUP member


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Reviewing the setup member INSMAIN gets the following error :

QI118W - Error(s) found in the SETUP member.

See Messages column for details.


What does the QI118W message mean?






Release : 20.0

Component : General Services for DB2


missing message description


From the panel help for QI118W

The QI118W message indicates that the SETUP member contains one or more
DB2 subsystems whose version information is either:
- Not valid
- Not supported by this release of CA Database Management Solutions
for DB2 for z/OS
See the Messages column for specific DB2 subsystem messages.

To edit the SETUP global parmlib member, press the END key repeatedly
until you return to the Post-Install Tailoring menu. Then, select option
1 (SETUP), and then option 2 (Global) on the Parameter Setup Menu. Edit
the SETUP member to specify a valid DB2 version and mode or function an
catalog level. You can then return to the DB2 Catalog Customization Tasks
and complete the work on the subsystem.