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MCS profiles locked inspite of migrating successfully using enable_auto_migration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


I just upgraded few probes using MCS from 9.x to 20.1 setting the "enable_auto_migration" to true.  The probe templates migrated successfully but were non editable/locked post migration. They showed a status of "migrated" instead of loaded. How do I unlock the migrated templates?


Release : 20.1



For this scenario, we noticed that looking at the SSRV2ProbeTemplateUpgrade table, all of the other probes except cdm seem to be failing the template migrations because either the probe associated with the MCS template or the expected version of the probe for the version of the probe's MCS template was not installed in the local archive on the primary hub.


Take the following steps for each of the failed templates:

1. Make sure the correct version of the probe is imported into the local archive on the primary hub.
2. Redeploy the _mcs_templates package to the primary hub. This should change the status to 'loaded' for the probe for the rows in the SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage and SSRv2ProbeTemplateUpgrade tables to loaded for the version of the _mcs_template you redeployed.
3. From the mon_config_service probe utility, execute the activate_probe_templates_package command specifying the probe name and version of the _mcs_template to activate.
4. Check the SSRV2ProbeTemplatesPackage and SSRV2ProbeTemplateUpgrade tables and the status should change to migrated if successful. If not, then check the final_message column to see why the migration failed.

If the templates are still locked, open a support case for further review.