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How to export list of Monitoring Profiles from Performance Management


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Performance Management users have requested a spreadsheet of our current Monitoring Profiles.

What’s the easiest way to export Monitoring profiles?


All supported Performance Management releases


There is no simple method to export the Monitoring Profiles through the Performance Management web UI. To have such a feature would be an Enhancement Request.

There are REST options to gather this information. It can be gathered:

  • Using REST URLs in a web browser
  • Using REST API GET requests
  • Using REST based curl commands

What REST pages provide the Monitoring Profiles?
  1. This URL will list Monitoring Profiles and their related configuration information. Downside for this is it doesn't provide a the Monitoring Profile name seen in the web UI.
    • Documentation: DA_HOST:8581/rest/monitoringprofiles/documentation
    • Live URL: DA_HOST:8581/rest/monitoringprofiles
  2. This URL is a better option as it includes the CompMonitoringProfileName value which is the UI display name for the Monitoring Profile. The downside for this list is it will provide one entry per Metric Family. For example if a Monitoring Profile has 10 Metric Families tied to it, we'll see 10 entries for that Monitoring Profile, one for each Metric Family.
    • Documentation: DA_HOST:8581/rest/consolidatedmonitoringprofiles/documentation
    • Live URL: DA_HOST:8581/rest/consolidatedmonitoringprofiles

Using a support lab as an example the following steps result in a list of Monitoring Profiles in use. Note that an advanced text editor was used for this process. In this case Notepad++ was used. Any that provides these features will ease this process.

  • Full search results list
  • Ability to copy/paste full search results list output
  • Find/replace to remove text from lines

To create the list take these steps.
  1. Copy/paste the full output from the /rest/consolidatedmonitoringprofiles page into a new text file.
  2. Use a text editor to search for <CompMonitoringProfileName> entries in the full output.
    • In the support lab used this resulted in 603 entries/lines with <CompMonitoringProfileName>.
  3. Copy the list of the search results to new file.
  4. Use the Find/Replace function to remove:
    • <CompMonitoringProfileName> from the start of the lines
    • </CompMonitoringProfileName> from the end of the lines
  5. Open an spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Copy/Paste the resulting list of MP names from step 4 into a column in the spreadsheet.
    1. We should now have a list, once per related MF, of Monitorong Profile names.
  6. Sort by A-Z.
  7. Use the (in Excel it's Data->Remove Duplicates) deduplication function of the spreadsheet program to remove duplicates.
In the lab used we went from 603 entries to just 16 Monitoring Profile names. This is the list of Monitoring Profiles in use.

The resulting list will not include:

  • Monitoring Profiles not in use, IE: those not connected to a Collection of Devices.
  • Monitoring Profiles related to Self Monitoring metric data. These are generally the DA Health and Device Polling Statistics named Monitoring Profiles.

Additional Information

  • NOTE: If using Tenants will need to use the following in the URLs to limit the lists per Tenant. An example is:
      • /rest/tenant/<TENANTID>/monitoringprofiles

  • For all DA_HOST URLs above replace:
    • DA_HOST with accessible Data Aggregator host name or IP address
    • Default port 8581 with correct port if not using default port