import or export JIL does not work in WCC ECLI
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import or export JIL does not work in WCC ECLI


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CA Workload Automation AE


Import or export jil files in WCC Enterprise Command Line (ECLI) does not work and returns an unexpected authentication error for some users.



Release : 11.4

Component : Workload Control Center (WCC) 


The encountered problem is related to the "Credential User" Not being Validated.


There are several possible solutions for configuration of the Credential User.

Follow the below steps to configure the Credential User:

1. Login to WCC as the User encountering the ECLI issue

2. In the WCC “Configuration” Tab, verify the user set for “Monitor ID”.

3. Login to your “AutoSys Server” as the “User" defined in “Monitor ID” to verify the “Password”.

4. Then in “Credentials” Tab, Add a “Global Credential User” defined on the “Monitor ID User”

The Syntax to respect is _GLOBAL_:username

Example: _Global_:autosys when the Monitor ID is “autosys”

Provide a “Valid OS password” for the user on your AutoSys Server (twice).

Then click on “Add” if this is the first time you define the _GLOBAL_:username

Otherwise, click on “Update” to validate the modification on the “Global User”

Please note the user configured as "Credential User" needs to have "Interactive Login" authorised at OS level.

Otherwise, if you can not allow the Monitor ID user to have "Interactive Login",

then another user with "Interactive Login" authorization will need to be configured as "Credential User".

5. Then the user will need to logout from wcc

6. Then login to wcc and verify the Global Credential User is kept

7. Now you will be able to run the commands and/or import and export jil files through ECLI

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