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How to run multiple JMeter scripts concurrently


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Sometimes the need arises to run multiple JMeter scripts at the same time. This article discusses alternatives how this can be accomplished.


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Depending on how your JMeter script is structured, one of following options can be used to run several JMeter scripts (JMX files) in parallel:

1. Combine the thread groups in a single JMX. All thread groups run concurrently unless specified differently in the test plan. This is particularly useful if the JMX files to be combined have one or only few thread groups.
2. Store the samplers of each JMX in one thread group in a single JMX under a Parallel Controller . Note: Parallel Controllers do not support Transaction Controllers so if used you can get  unexpected results.
3. Create a test for each JMX and combine them in a Blazemeter multi test

A combination of above options is also possible, e.g. to limit the number of thread groups in a JMX and to limit the number of tests in a multi test, you could e.g. create JMX files consisting of 10 thread groups and combine those JMX files into a multi test.