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MCS default disk enhanced delta qos is unchecked in Monitoring tab but shows as enabled in cdm.cfg


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


UIM 9.20 on Windows 2016 and MS SQL 2016

MCS group with 6 UIM servers in it.

Deployed CDM enhanced

Customized all enhanced profiles, also "default disk (enhanced)" where the following the 2 disk_delta fields (publish and baseline) were deactivated.

However the cdm.cfg on each of the 6 servers in the group shows the disk delta enabled 

      qos_disk_total_size = yesthe following were 
      qos_disk_delta_perc = yes
      qos_inode_usage = yes
      qos_inode_usage_perc = yes
      qos_disk_free_perc = yes
      active = yes
      qos_disk_free = yes
      qos_disk_usage_perc = yes
      qos_disk_usage = yes
      qos_disk_delta = yes

Is this a known problem?



Release : 9.2.0



The way the MCS (Enhanced) templates work is that they enable ALL of the component metrics in the cdm.cfg file so the cdm probe will publish all of the metrics for the component.  
The spooler probe then determines which ones are forwarded on to the hub through the settings in the plugin_metric.cfg file.  

So what you see in the <fixed_default> section of the cdm.cfg file after deploying the Default Disk(s) (Enhanced) template is expected.