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After upgrade, not possible to delete "Approval Process Templates" with Knowledge Manager role, neither reject a KD document with roles 'Level 2 Analyst' or 'Knowledge Analyst"


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After migration from CA Service Management 17.0 to 17.2  deleting "Approval Process Templates" as role "Knowledge Manager" is not possible anymore. No error message is shown on GUI.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

1. Login into CA Service Desk with "Knowledge Manager" role.

2. Click on "Administration" tab

3. Select "Approval Process Manager" and "Approval Process Templates" from menu.

4. Select any template from the list, make a right click and select "Delete".

5. Commit to delete the selected "Approval Process Template" by pressing OK button.

6. The "Approval Process Template" selected is not deleted and using browser debug you can see error: ""AHD04482: Security setting prevents this operation."

NOTE: Checking the role "Knowledge Manager", it has access level "Function Access - administration" of "View". When changing the access level from "View" to "Modify", user is able to delete selected "Approval  Process Template"

NOTE: Also, rejecting a KD document with roles 'Level 2 Analyst' or 'Knowledge Analyst" is not possible anymore.  After migration, only roles with access level "Function Access - administration" of "Modify" are able to Reject a Knowledge Document without error.


Release : 17.2



The behavior noted previously is due a bug that is already fixed in 17.2, the "View" functional_access (Function Access - Administration) does not have to allow to delete an "Approval Process Templates" neither Reject a KD document.


By design the "View" functional_access (Function Access - Administration) does not allow to delete an "Approval Process Template",  but if you want to allow it, you can do following customization:

1. Copy the out of the box op_kt_admin.cfg file located in NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www directory to NX_ROOT\site\mods\www

2. Edit NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\op_kt_admin.cfg and add :


3. restart ServiceDesk service.


The op_kt_admin.cfg file is a security configuration file where is listed each operation and what access level is required.
I.e. in the web user interface  you set what access level each role has for a  specific functional_access.
And in the op_kt_admin.cfg file you configure for a list of operations what access level is required for a specific functional_access.

Note: as always, test any customization in your TEST environment first

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