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UIM - smsgtw remote / secondary hub queue settings


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We want to install the smsgtw under a remote hub. How do we have to setup the queue to have a correct flow of SMS actions from the remote hub to the primary hub?



Release : 9.2.0

Component : UIM- SMSGTW


From Docs:

The smsgtw probe is connected to the UIM Server via a permanent queue on the Hub. The alarms are channeled through this queue and delivered as sms

The smsgtwprobe is configured by defining user profiles (SMS recipients), configuring the primary and/or secondary adapters (GSM or Email gateway), providing log details (Incoming and Outgoing message details) and setting heartbeat function to check GSM modem status. It also includes creating a profile in nas probe to send an alarm as SMS.

Once you setup the adapter it automatically creates an SMS gateway queue on hub, which redirects the message to smsgtw probe for sending them as SMS. It also makes necessary changes in the .cfg file by adding modem details and SMSC number.

If the smsgtw probe is deployed on a secondary/remote hub the attach queue will be created automatically under the hub the smsgtw probe belongs to. So in this case a GET queue should be created in the primary hub to point to the smsgtw probe queue that is created in the secondary hub.