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CA Easytrieve: Picking up the wrong library from the linklist


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Easytrieve Report Generator


After installing release CA Easytrieve release 11.6, the program listings still show release 11.5.  How can one be certain that CA Easytrieve release 11.6 has been installed correctly?


Release : 11.6

Component : CA Easytrieve Report Generator


CA Easytrieve release 11.6 has an IVP program, which is JOB08DEM located in the CBAAJCL library. This can confirm that release 11.6 has been installed correctly. If the correct release is picked up when the //STEPLIB or //JOBLIB DD statement includes the release 11.6 CBAALOAD but is not picked up from the linklist, please try including the CA Easytrieve CBAALOAD library at the first of the linklist of libraries. This will eliminate possibly picking up a prior release from the linklist.

The following command may also be helpful in determining which library with prior release is being picked up:

1. Go to option 6 and Issue the command:
2.  On the command line, please type 
3.   Then, type:
      member EZTPA00
4.   Confirm YES to search the linklist
5.   Review the list of libraries returned from the linklist which contain the member EZTPA00, especially the ones before the release 11.6 CBAALOAD library.