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When adding DB2 support to InterTest CICS which version of DSNHDECP should I use?


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We are in the process of adding support for DB2, and we have a question about one of the steps delineated in your installation manual.  In particular, the following action:

 4- For DB2 subsystems running in new function mode (release 10.1 and above), ensure that the library containing the customized DSNHDECP (either SDSNEXIT or SDSNLOAD) is in the DFHRPL DD concatenation after the CICS program libraries.

The challenge that we are encountering is that our SDSNEXIT and SDSNLOAD data sets are unique per DB2 system member of a data sharing group.  We have 3 DB2 Systems per environment, and our CICS Regions need to be able to switch from system to system.   How do you recommend that we address this need? Which DSNHDECP should we use from the three data sets?  Is it required that it be the same one used by the DB2 that CICS is connected to directly?





As long as  Intertest CICS can load any version of DSNHDECP from the RPL it does not matter which load library of the three systems you put in the RPL. Intertest  CICS should be able to get the information it needs from the DSNHDECP module  to provide the Intertest CICS DB2  functionally.