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No response error retrieving snmpv3 engine ID from CA Performance Center


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No response error retrieving snmpv3 engine ID from CA Performance Center.

I tried this http://<pc_host>:<event_manager_port>/EventManager/webservice/notifications/engineId


Something is blocking access to the Event Manager port from your location


Release : 3.7, 20.2, 21.2

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


To get Get the SNMPengineID

The trap receiver (for example, CA Spectrum), using SNMPv3, uses the SNMPengineID to allow encrypted traps from a specific sender for decryption. Use the following REST endpoint to get the SNMPengineID:


port is the port for the Event Manager.
Default: 8281

Method: GET

If you can't access this port, try from localhost on the CA Performance Center (CAPC) server itself:

wget -qO -

You should have wget already installed on CAPC as it is a prerequisite

Note that if you are on 20.2.1 or later, you would need to provide the admin user and admin user password as credentials for the REST call/wget command.

Adding the username/password to wget:

wget -user admin --ask-password -qO -

This will prompt for the admin user password when run.