UIM - HP_3PAR probe profile in error state
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UIM - HP_3PAR probe profile in error state


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


This article describes how to resolve an issue with HP_3PAR probe profiles in an error state. 

The probe may display some of the following symptoms:

1. Probe profile in an error state (Yellow Warning Icon). 

2. Probe Resource Alarm: 

<HP 3PAR Target IP Address> is not responding (reason: Connection and/or inventory update failure)

3. Probe log file errors: 

[Data Collector - 0, hp_3par] status--Failed to contact to the host 
[Data Collector - 0, hp_3par] Inventory update failed. Sending resource alarm
[Data Collector - 0, hp_3par] (12) login failed, Failed to contact to the host 
 at com.nimsoft.probe.storage.hp3Par.sdk.Hp3ParSession.login(Hp3ParSession.java:90)




Component : UIM- HP_3PAR
Probe Release: HP_3PAR probe v1.24T8 


Actions to take on the HP 3PAR target system:

1. Ensure that port 22 is open between the robot and the hp_3par monitored system. 

In order for the CLI commands to work, the ssh port (22) must also be opened between the robot where the hp_3par probe is deployed and the monitored storage device.  You can verify that this port is opened executing the following telnet command from the robot where the hp_3par probe is deployed:

telnet <IP address of the monitored HP 3PAR storage device> 22

If this connection fails, then the probe will not be able to connect or collect metrics from this device.

2. Remove the profile from the HP_3PAR probe. 

3. Stop the CIM service. 

4. Restart the CIM service (wait for the service to start). 

5. Reconfigure the new probe profile and test the connection to the monitored HP 3PAR storage device.