SAREAS across MVS images
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SAREAS across MVS images


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I've been trying to test a SAREAS configuration across two MVS images, one SAREAS is PRIMARY, one is SECONDARY, they're talking across XCF.  The idea is that the Ca View tape datasets on the primary MVS image are not cataloged on the secondary image, the Ca View database is cataloged on the secondary image and I'm accessing the database from the secondary image.  So far I've only been able to browse reports using EAS if I also catalog the tapes on the secondary image; is this a restriction of SAREAS or is there something I can do to get round this...?



Release : 14.0

Component : CA View


The SAREAS interface requires three things to access data from tape and they are tape data set name, volume serial, and block id of block to be accessed.
We get the volume serial by doing a catalog lookup. 
If this is a secondary server, then that information is passed to the primary server.
So you will not be able to access View tapes from a system that does not have them catalogued.