Application Delivery Analysis (ADA) Console Backup/Restore procedure (Different Server)
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Application Delivery Analysis (ADA) Console Backup/Restore procedure (Different Server)


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CA Application Delivery Analysis MTP (NetQoS / ADA) CA Application Delivery Analysis (NetQoS / ADA)


This article provides a strategy for backing up and restoring an ADA Console in the event of any problem occurring with the ADA installation. This process assumes that you restore the ADA installation on to a new server.



Application Delivery Analysis 11.x


On the Source server:
1. Stop the ADA and MySql services in the Windows services dialog.
2. Backup the MySql database data location (C:\ca\mysql\data is the default).

On the Target server:
1. Install the exact same version/patch level of ADA as on the Source server to the same location as that on the Source server.
2. Stop the ADA and MySql services.
3. Delete the contents of the MySql database data location (C:\ca\mysql\data).
4. Copy the MySql database backup taken from the Source server to the database data location on the Target server.
5. Start the ADA and MySql services.

Additional Information

When you login to the ADA console for the first time, it will prompt you about the new IP address and ask you to confirm.

If you have ADA linked to NetOps Portal you should disable the ADA data source before taking the backup, then re-enable it after restoring on the new server.
If the hostname changed, you need to edit the data source with the new hostname in NetOps Portal.
Do not delete the data source, just edit it.

If you need to install ADA on the target server to a different location than that of the Source server, you need to run the following on the target server prior to step 5.

- Start the MySql service
- Login to mysql:
mysql super

- Run the following SQL statements to change the drive or install path. Replace install_path with the actual ADA install location:

update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='install_path' where Parameter='nqhome';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='install_path/superagent/web/graphics' where parameter='graphicsSubDir';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='install_path/superagent/tzinfo' where parameter='tzInfoDir'
update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='install_path/logs' where parameter='debugLogSubDir';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='install_path/superagent/web' where parameter='webRoot';
update parameter_descriptions set defaultValue='install_path/cache' where parameter='CachePath';