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Unable to login to Oneclick - "Spectro server is unavailable"


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth


Attempting to login to Oneclick server with the Admin user generates the following message

" Spectro server is unavailable" 


VNM,out file on the Spectrum Server gives the following error:

"VNM is shutting down because minimum Disk Space has been exceeded". 

This is due to not enough space in the directory where Spectrum is installed. 


Release : 10.2, 10.3.x, 10.4

Component : Spectrum Server


Remove the largest files from the backup folder under the Spectrum install /app directory dramatically freed up enough space to get Spectrum server back up and running again successfully.

Additional Information

You can remove multiple files in the directory dating back 6 months. Below is a linux command to use

Note: -mtime +189 is equivalent to 189 days which is 6 months

 find . -type f -mtime +189 -exec rm -f {} \;