Need a way to display file information when in Browse or Edit
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Need a way to display file information when in Browse or Edit


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If I issue a command like VMSPOOL SPOOLIST OPERATOR, I'm presented with a screen of various files that I can browse or edit along with the various pieces of file information (Queue, Number, Date, Time, Filename etc).  Once I go into the file - none of that information is displayed any longer.

I'm looking for a way  to have that information to either be displayed on a permanent line, or at least as a work around - a subcommand that can be issued and have that displayed on the either the line where error messages are displayed - or somewhere else.



Release : 1.8

Component : CA VM:Spool

z/VM 6.4 and z/VM 7.1


No file information except for the file contents is displayed on the browsing screen when the VMSPOOL SPOOLIST command is issued and the PF11 key is entered to browse a selected spool file, or the VMSPOOL BROWSE command is issued to browse a specified spool file.


Apply new VM:Spool PTF SO13820.

This enhancement adds a new information header line to the VMSPOOL BROWSE screen to clearly identify the spool file being browsed. The information header line includes the following information: owner, file queue, file ID, system name, and record numbers.