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ARD - Need to remove remediate VC++ dll files with security vulnerabilities


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


Our security team has flagged our ARD system as being at risk for a security vulnerability. The cause of the security failure, is the msvcr100.dll, which is used by Microsoft Visual C++ 2010. Are there any requirements or dependencies that ARD has related to Visual C++ 2010. We need assistance in removing or remediating this issue.




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Component : CA Agile Requirements Designer


The DLL in question is the msvcr100.dll, which is a Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 dll.  The dll version 10.0.30319 is the base Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributed installation; the 10.0.40219 release is from the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributed Service Pack 1 installation.

See Microsoft's KB2565063 -, regarding the Security Update for the Service Pack 1.


I check our ARD Product Development team, and they confirmed that ARD Studio doesn't have any requirements for Visual C++ 2010. However, we do require the NET Framework 4.5, and Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable x64 (14.10.25008 or higher) be installed for the ARD Studio to properly function.

You can safely uninstall Visual C++ 2010 from the ARD system, as long as the .NET Framework and Visual C++ 2017 installations are intact.

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