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NAS probe NiS bridge fails to initialize database error encountered for MySQL backend database


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


After a new installation, the nas probe GUI was taking a very long time to load.  Setting the log level to 5 in raw configure and checking the logs, the below is observed:

nas: [last error] thread_id: 49621, error: mysql_real_connect: Access denied for user '<username>'@'' (using password: YES) (errno:1045) 

nas: NiS bridge: Failed to initialize database. 


Release : 9.0.2
mysql 5.7.29

Component : UIM NAS


Database user was created with a '=' symbol in the password.  This special character isn't supported.  After changing the password and removing this character, the issue was resolved.


We found that the root cause was an '=' sign in the mysql user password.  After getting this changed out, we were able to get everything running.