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Parameterized dynamic lookup not passing the value to dependent Multi Value Lookup attribute


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The Multi-Value Lookup (MVL) attribute shows all values and doesn’t follow the parameterized mapping.


  1. Login to Clarity -- > Administration --> Data Administration -- > Lookups
  2. Create a Dynamic Query Lookup with the below Query

    select id,code,name from inv_investments 
     where odf_object_code='project'
     and is_active=1

  3. Save and Return.
  4. Create another Dynamic Query Based Lookup with the below query

SELECT @SELECT:task.prid:[email protected],
     @SELECT:task.prexternalid:[email protected]
     @SELECT:task.prname:[email protected],
     @SELECT:DECODE(task.prstatus,0,'Not Started',1,'Started',2,'Completed'):[email protected],
     @SELECT:phase.prname||'/'||task.prname:[email protected],
     @SELECT:TRUNC(task.prstart):[email protected],
     @SELECT:TRUNC(task.prfinish):[email protected],
     @SELECT:(SELECT ROUND((SUM(PRESTSUM))/3600,2) FROM prassignment WHERE prtaskid=task.prid):[email protected]
 FROM prtask task
 INNER JOIN odf_ca_task odft ON
 LEFT OUTER JOIN PRTASK phase ON task.prwbssequence BETWEEN phase.prwbssequence AND phase.wbs_nnbseq - 1
 AND task.prprojectid = phase.prprojectid
 AND phase.prwbslevel = task.prwbslevel - 1
 WHERE task.pristask = 1
 AND task.prismilestone=0
 and 1=1
 AND ( @where:param:user_def:integer:[email protected] = task.prprojectid OR @where:param:user_def:integer:[email protected] IS NULL )

 AND @[email protected]

     5. Navigate to Administration -> Studio -> Objects and click on Project Object

     6. Create a new Lookup Attribute with the query created in Step 2.
     7. Create a new Multi-valued lookup attribute with the query created in Step 4. This will be parameterized and under “Lookup Parameter Mappings” select the attribute ID
         of the attribute created above
     8. Navigate to Views and configure these two attributes on Project Properties.
     9. Navigate to Home -> Projects. Click on a Project.
    10. Select a project under the lookup attribute created in step 7.
    11. Select the relevant tasks for the project using the Multi-Value Lookup attribute created in step 6.

Expected Results: The MVL attribute only shows tasks that are part of the project selected. 

Actual Results: The MVL attribute shows all tasks and doesn’t follow the parameterized mapping. 


Release : 15.8


This is a defect DE54538 



Fixed in 15.8.1