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Exclude specific filesystems from monitoring using cdm (MCS profile deployment)


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have got a request to exclude the Index f/s from monitoring as per the below screenshot.

We have added /.*INDEX.*/  in the ignore filesystems but, we still see those f/s in the cdm gui and checkboxes for that. Can you please let us know how can we exclude any f/s on the server with name index on it?


Release : 9.1.0



- exclusion of filesystems in the cdm probe when using MCS


cdm filesystem monitoring changes when using MCS:

The process to remove unwanted file systems from monitoring and from the cdm configure GUI display through the use of MCS are as follows:

1. Modify the Setup cdm profile for the monitoring group and add the REGEX for the chosen file systems to exclude them from monitoring
2. Save the change to the profile
3. After the Setup cdm profile is deployed to all of the robots in the monitoring group, Modify the Default Disk(s) profile for the monitoring group. Make a change and then 'back the change out' (e.g., deselect the Active option, then re-select the Active option).
4. Save the change
5. When MCS finishes deploying the second template, all of the excluded file systems should be removed from the disk->alarm->fixed section of the cdm.cfg file and should not appear in the probe's Configure GUI

Additional Information

How to configure the cdm probe to ignore filesystems, filesystem types, and devices (Non-MCS version)

After you make the changes, make sure you rt-click and delete those filesystems from the cdm probe. Then cold start it (Deactivate-Activate).