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Board view "Color By" Option not showing colors


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Is there a limitation in what fields show colors in the legend for Color By in the Modern User Experience (UX)? Some attributes won't show any colors.

Example: In Ideas - Board View - "Color By", when you select an attribute to color by, no color is displayed.


Release : All Supported


Within the New UX, when look at the sorting options you'll notice "Color By". When this is selected you'll be able to see an associated color to each Project or Idea based on the value associated to it. In order to view the different colors for an attribute you'll first need to do the following:

  1. In the Classic UI, going to the "Administration" section, then under "Studio" go to "Objects"
  2. Find the "Project or "Idea" object (depending on where you're looking to make the change), open it and go to the Attributes tab.
  3. Open up an attribute you want to do "color by" on.
  4. In the lower section you should see "Color" and here you can associate a Color to each Value.

Once you associate a Color, then "Color By" should work.