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Job "Create and Update Jaspersoft Users" bloats bg-ca.log with SYS messages


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Create and Update Jaspersoft Users job when run bloats the bg-ca.log.The job writes a series of SYS message for every user that is processed in the bg-ca.log. There can be several thousands of lines. The bg-ca.log is not usable since the log is completely bloated and the rollover overwrites older log messages.

SUMMARY: Create and Update JS Users job is polluting the bg-ca.logs and makes them unusable. 

1. Connect to a system with thousands of resources enabled for Advanced Reporting and default logging enabled 
2. Schedule the Create and Update JS Users job to run at least once daily 
3. Check the bg-ca.log 

Expected Results: Not to have any additional entries in bg-ca.log as those should be INFO or DEBUG level. 
Actual Results: Every single user updated by the job is thrown in the bg-ca.log as 'SYS' level. 


Clarity 15.9.1 and below


This is caused by DE59953


This is resolved in 15.9.2

Additional Information

Pre 15.9.2

SYS messages getting logged in the bg logs during the run on the Jaspersoft create and update users job is by design and there is no logger setting/configuration in the application to adjust the amount of logging. The number of SYS messages in the log depends on the active number of users in PPM having advanced reporting access. If the same was not logging the SYS messages then it would be another issue indicating that the job is not running.

Advise is to run the job during off-peak hours. The job performance can also be improved by leaving the job parameter "Include inactive and locked users" unchecked.    

Job information from the jobs reference guide: