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Import of Brocade MIB's impossible in Spectrum


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The customer needs to import the Brocade MIB's in order to query such devices.  The Brocade MIBs will be compiled and added "successfully".  But it seems to be impossible to overwrite the BCSI enterprise OID. The Brocade objects are not accessible in the MIBTools tree.  I have already initialized the MIB database and rebuild from scratch. It has not changed the situation. The enterprise oid 1588 is still owned by BCSI in the MIB Tools, even all BCSI and Brocade MIB's are correct.


Release : 10.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


The MIB tree of the Spectrum MIBTools was built with an incorrect Blue Coat System enterprise OID.
This was a vendor error and not a Spectrum bug.

At some time the BCSI MIB contained the enterprise OID "1588" of the company Brocade as the enterprise Identifier.
Meanwhile BCSI corrected incorrect enterprise number in the BCSI MIB:

"ORGANIZATION    "Blue Coat Systems, Inc."

        CONTACT-INFO    "[email protected]


        DESCRIPTION     "The root MIB module for Blue Coat Systems."

        REVISION        "201010040000Z"

        DESCRIPTION     "Fixed incorrect enterprise number."

        REVISION        "200910040000Z"

        DESCRIPTION     "Initial revision of this MIB."

        ::= { enterprises 14501 }"

But the enterprise tree of the MIB Tools still takes BCSI as the company at


This will be changed in the next release that comes after 10.4.2.

Additional Information

Workaround employed by customer:

I was able to add the SW-MIB Objects beyond enterprises.1588 in addition to the Blue Coat Objects.
I have compiled and added Brocade-Reg Mib once more before I added SW-MIB again.
Both were added for some times before without success.
The order is important and I believe that the double use of "bcsi" as the Module-Identity is the reason for this mismatch.