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Multiple Notification Macro triggers blank email notifications.


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CA Service Desk Manager


When a email is triggered using multiple notification macro, end users are receiving blank emails.


When OOTB message templates are used while creating "Multiple Notification Macro", we see that emails are triggered but with no data in it, as below image

to resolve, edit the message template and remove "call_req_id" from all fields.
i.e from :
@{call_req_id.type.sym} @{call_req_id.ref_num} @{type.sym}


@{type.sym} @{ref_num} @{type.sym}

-> Below shows the template before and after changes:


-> With modified template when multiple notification macro is triggered, mail will be sent with data. As per below image:

-> Remove "call_req_id" -> only if you're using message template at Macros.
If you want to use OOTB message template at BOTH OOTB auto emails and macros, then it is recommended to create a copy of template and use it.


At few client environments, when ticket is created Initial emails are sent in 2 ways.
1 it will be automatically sent when ticket is created and another via macro.
In this scenario you can't use same "Default Initial Message Template" in both places.It is recommended to make a copy of same template and use it at Macro.