DUAS: Authentication error "Unable to connect to UVMS" when Subordinate UVMS is down
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DUAS: Authentication error "Unable to connect to UVMS" when Subordinate UVMS is down


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In a Master / Failover UVMS architecture nodes are declared in UVMS Subordinate, UVC users connect to the Master UVMS.

In case the UVMS Subordinate is stopped, and a UVC user tries to display the Objects or the Job Runs of a DUAS 6 Node, it fails with an authentication error as follows:

|ERROR|X|CDJ|pid=p.t| u_cdj_trt_req             | new client authentication failed: Authentication error
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| k_connect_uvms_auth       | Unable to connect to UVMS uvms_subordinate_server:port (1/1)
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| k_connect_uvms_auth       | No UVMS instance reachable
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| kTrtAuthRequest           | Authentication failed: invalid session id token (error -1)
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| k_select_accept_aut       | kTrtAuthRequest in error [-1]
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=p.t| u_io_thread_trt           | New client 110 (UniViewer700/ on SERVER) authentication failed: Authentication error (Authentication request error)

Is this behavior normal?



Release : 6.3.x and superior
Context: UVMS Advanced Architecture (Master and Subordinate UVMS)


By design


This is expected behavior:
User Authentication is performed by the UVMS where the node is declared upon the first query performed from the Univiewer Console of a User.
Dollar Universe 6 node only communicates with the UVMS where it is declared, so it is normal that in case the UVMS is down, authentication cannot be performed.

In case the User had already been authenticated before, for example a Job Runs window had previously been opened and was monitoring the node, UVC will continue to display the Job Runs or Objects of the Node during the default Session Expiration Delay which is 24 hours while the UVMS Subordinate may be down.

Therefore, it is expected that both the Master and Subordinate UVMS are continuously monitored so that UVC End Users are not impacted when they are stopped.