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Pointing Agent JRE softlink to another softlink to an unbundled JRE.


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When selecting the option to install the Agent using a unbundled JRE, can we use a softlink that points to our external JRE?


Release : 11.5

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


For practical reasons, to maintain JRE currency, you may want to use a softlink that points to your current JRE without having to also update the JRE path in the Agent's parameters (agentparm.txt)


If you specify a softlink path during install for the unbundled JRE, the Agent 11.5 installer will create a local jre softlink in the agent's install directory that points to the unbundled JRE's absolute path. For example:

softlink path: /path/jre_softlink -> /absolute/path/jre

Agent's install directory will contain this after install:
jre -> /absolute/path/jre

You can then change this manually to your own softlink like so:
ln -s <agent_dir>/jre /path/jre_softlink

After which you will see this jre softlink in the Agent's directory:

jre -> /path/jre_softlink

Stop the Agent before the change and start it again after the change. 
This has been validated and is supported.