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How can we check if the email id is supported by autosys


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We want to check if there is any way by which we can check if the email id is OK or not.

As of now we have to create a new test autosys job to check the same. Is there any direct command or any other way to check that.


Release : 11.3.6

Component : CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys)


You can use the "syntax" option of "jil" command. This checks if your jil file corresponds to all the rules.

You can a test file that just contain the required parameters to test the email address.

     create a file 'verify_mail_address.txt' with following content
insert_job: verify_mail_address job_type: CMD
command: sleep 10
machine: localhost
send_notification: 1
notification_msg: "Checking email address..."
notification_emailaddress: eric.nelen#[email protected]

Run command
jil -v syntax < verify_mail_address.txt

It will return that email address isn't valid. In this example "#" is not allowed.

Additional Information

Check also this article which contains the rules of allowed email addresses.