IDMS: Re-linking RHDCEVBF for MQ support
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IDMS: Re-linking RHDCEVBF for MQ support


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The MQ support provided to IDMS with SO07191 requires additional ADS built-in functions.
Sites that have already re-linked RHDCEVBF to include site-specific BIFs will need to re-link RHDCEVBF so both the new MQ BIFs and the site-specific BIFs will be available.


Release : 19.0

Component : CA IDMS/DB


This process is documented at the following locations:
KD 133251: SO07191 HOLDDATA clarification for RHDCEVBF
Creating User-Defined Built-In Functions
Steps for Generating a User-Defined Built-In Function
Changing Invocation Names

Note that there is only ever one RHDCEVBF load module.
To "combine" the supplied IDMS BIFs (which include MQ after SO07191 is applied) with any site-specific BIFs, one new RHDCEVBF must be created.
An #EFUNMST call with TYPE=INITIAL in the input source of RHDCEVBF will include the IDMS supplied BIFs as defined in the #EFMBIFS macro in the *.CAGJMAC install library.
(See the supplied member RHDCEVBF in *.CACJSRC).
After SO07191 is applied, #EFMBIFS should contain reference to the MQ BIFs.
Site-specific #EFUNMST calls should follow the TYPE=INITIAL call.

Most likely, if a site already has their own BIFs defined, there will be some JCL which re-links RHDCEVBF.
Ideally it should not need to be changed other than to ensure the correct libraries are used.
The job should just be re-run.

The re-linked RHDCEVBF should be placed in either the default dictionary load area or CUSTOM.LOADLIB so as not to overwrite the supplied version in CAGJLOAD.

Additional Information

Sites that have applied SO07191 should also apply SO09453, SO09645 and SO10103.