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Filetransfers between agents sporadically abort


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Sporadical aborts (< 1%) of Filetransfers (JOBF) occur.

If this happens, an error message like below is displayed related to the Status Store file :

20200401/142547.597 - U00063094 FT '389700509': Prozess 'FTX(389700509)' mit PID='2765' wurde initiiert.
20200401/142547.598 - U00063095 FT '389700509': Prozess 'FTX(389700509)' mit PID='2765' wurde erfolgreich gestartet.
20200401/142547.598 - U02000134 Thread 'FTX/CCM' wurde gestartet.
20200401/142547.598 - U00063011 Die Version des StatusStores '/<Agent>/temp/FTBGUUIBD.sts' ist ungueltig. Gefundene Version: 'VERSION(20180524),FTX_SIZE(1616),FTXE_SIZE(152)', erforderliche Version: ''.

The start of the FT task (with RunID) and the error message of the sts-file (with alphanumeric name) are in sequence.
(Use the UC4 script function RUNNR2ALPHA to correlate the RunID and temp-file.)

The concerned sts-file in case of these aborts exists and has a size of 0 bytes:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root       0 Apr  1 14:25 FTBGOSGLW.sts


Release : v12.2 / v12.3

Component : Unix Agent


This issue seems related to network components (switches etc.) outside the AE or Agent.


After an update of the network components the issue disappeared.