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PAM-SRM-0026: An error occurred while post-processing of session recording: Invalid debug level: "null"


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM) CA Privileged Access Manager - Cloakware Password Authority (PA) CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC)


Seeing various symptoms:
1. PAM Session Recordings result in "Encoding Error".
2. Many of Session Recordings cannot be played. Displays "Session Recording verified." but does not play.
3. Session Recording of 0KB are not completed and appears as "Recording in progress" where some of them are from the distant past.

Sessions log reports following error:
PAM-SRM-0026: An error occurred while post-processing of session recording: Invalid debug level: "null"


Release : 3.x.x



Although the error message in the sessions log might appear benign, it is actually the cause of all the above problems.

For some reason, the "Applet Log Level" ('applet_log_level') in PAM DB had 'null' value.
This causes the session recording to not proceed nor complete.


Logon to the Primary Site node as Global Administrator.
Navigate to "Configuration -> Diagnostics -> Applet Log Level" and set the loglevel from the drop down menu and select "ERROR" and submit.  (This would have shown a "null" value)
Then verify this from another Primary Site node and see if the loglevel is correctly set to "ERROR".
This is a Global Setting so it will be replicated over to all nodes in the cluster.
! You cannot see this configuration option in the Secondary Site nodes, it is hidden in the Secondary Sites.

PAM Server will be running script periodically to scan through the session recording files and process them so the previous "Encoding error" and the "0KB" recordings should be processed.
You can also manually go and click on the "Encoding error" button on the problematic recording and that should be processed and display "View Recording" button after being encoding successfully.
The 0KB recordings are usually the ones that failed to connect to the target system (usually due to issue with target account, in this case the BEGIN and END time of the session recording would be identical) and no session recording content is available. If you click on "Recording in progress" button, it should be processed and once complete it should disappear from the list and it is normal behavior as it does not have any recording.