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CA EZT Extended Reporting: Recompiling pgms after MOV64PSD is run?


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Easytrieve Report Generator


When migrating from release 11.6 compatibility mode to full function mode with NEWFUNC=Y, and after running MOV64PSD, is recompilation necessary to then use Extended Reporting?



Release : 11.6

Component : CA Easytrieve Plus Report Generator


When upgrading to true release 11.6, all that is needed is for MOV64PSD from CBAAJCL to be run.

Please note that while recompilation is not necessary, testing a program with EXTENDED included on the FILE statement of a program is definitely recommended.

The MOV64PSD is relinking the PSIXRPSD into the CBAALOAD library (default). The library can be changed by modifying the //SYSLMOD DD statement. So, once the PSIXRPSD is relinked, then the 6.4 executables will still be running under release 11.6 as compatiblity mode. The 11.6 programs executing EZTPA00 with NEWFUNC set to Y will be recompiled.