Unable to perform maintenance - Dynamic allocation using BPXWDYN failed.
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Unable to perform maintenance - Dynamic allocation using BPXWDYN failed.


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Mainframe Software Manager (Chorus Software Manager) CHORUS SOFTWARE MANAGER COMMON SERVICES FOR Z/OS


Trying to apply maintenance for CA Common Services for z/OS - MVS

Selected Upgrade CA RS from the SMP/E Maintenance section and received the following error:

Package in /usr/lpp/chorus60/mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/CA/MAINTENANCE/CA_Chorus_Software_Manager_-_MVS/6.0/0001/SO06935.BIN 
  cannot be found.

Dynamic allocation using BPXWDYN failed. Command: ALLOC DD(SMPPTFIN) PATH('/usr/lpp/chorus60/mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/CA/MAINTENANCE/CA_Chorus_Software_Manager_-_MVS/6.0/0001/SO06935.BIN') FILEDATA(BINARY) msg(1) failed. RC: -32745. IKJ56228I PATH /usr/lpp/chorus60/mpm/scroot/DatabaseM/CA/MAINTENANCE/CA_Chorus_ NOT IN CATALOG OR CATALOG CAN NOT BE ACCESSED

MME0251I CA CSM executor CAGIMSMP finished. CA CSM jobname: MSMTC , CAGIMSMP jobname: P3SSZ , Spool jobname: BPXAS, job ID: STC03683, PID: 160
An error has occurred while attempting to receive PTFs from Software Catalog.
A PTF exists in Software Catalog but the file with the PTF could not be found.
For assistance, contact Technical Support at http://ca.com/support.


Release : 6.0


For some unknown reason, a number of PTFS were previously added to the CA CSM Software Catalog but went to a USS Directory that no longer exists.


  1. From the Products tab in CA CSM, using the Search at the top...enter the PTF referenced in the error (eg. SO06935) in the "Search for" and select Maintenance in the "Search in" dropdown...hit SEARCH.

  2. Take note of Products that are returned

    • If Fix# found for multiple products, Select Fix# to determine if Location is different or cannot be found 

    • Select the Product Name/Release where fix is not found. This will cause screen to be populated with all fixes for this Product Name/Release 

  3. Locate and Delete the PTF that was being flagged in the error from the Software Catalog, then attempt applying the maintenance/updating CA RS again

  4. If problem is repeated for a different PTF, Repeat steps 1-3

  5. If problem continues to repeat, perform a Clean-up and Hide for all Product Name/Release shown

  6. "Un-hide" the product(s) and perform a Get Latest Maintenance for the appropriate product release