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Restrict resource managers from booking resources to certain projects


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Is there a way to enable Project - View rights for all projects, yet restrict Resource Managers from being about to Hard Book (via Resource - Manager (auto) right) to projects that are part of a specific Unit in an OBS? We'd like for the managers to be able to view all projects, yet restrict who can add/hard book resources to these projects.


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : Clarity Resource Management


It's not possible to create the desired restrictions if the user is a resource manager for the resource. By design, project view will give Resource Managers the ability to book resources they are the resource manager for. So, the only way to limit a resource manager from being able to book a resource is to not provide project view rights to the project

This follows the behavior for Resource - Hard book as well, if the user has project view rights along with this right they can book the resource.