CA Easytrieve Report Generator : About updating the license key for their Easytrieve Linux.
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CA Easytrieve Report Generator : About updating the license key for their Easytrieve Linux.


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For updating ALP keys, are there additional required procedures after the setting of the new ALP keys for Easytrieve Linux?


Release : 11.6



For updating ALP keys, there is no additional procedure after the setting of new ALP keys. The setting steps are described in a email for the ALP license. Please see it.

Attached, please find your ALP keys. Please note the keys will need to be copied into a notepad and renamed to ca.olf. Instructions for installing the license have been provided below.
To properly deploy this license file, please do the following:

1. Go to EACH computer where you have installed the CA product.

2. In the root directory of your system drive, you should see a \CA_LIC directory. For example, C:\CA_LIC
On Windows, it is usually C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx\CA_LIC\

3. Go to the CA_LIC directory.

4. See if there is an existing ca.olf file.

5. If there is an existing CA.OLF file, please use a text editor and copy/append the license contents of this new OLF file into the existing ca.olf file. You do not need to copy over the first two header lines. Copy lines 3 through the end and append them to the bottom of the existing ca.olf file.
If there is NO existing ca.olf file, please copy this file there and rename it as ca.olf .

7. If you have more than one ca_lic directory on your machine please ensurethat you have the ca.olf file installed in both ca_lic directories
Please use NOTEPAD when editing this file so that no formattingcharacters are inserted.

8. For Linux: WAAE 11.3.0 environment the file is in /opt/CA/ca_lic

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.