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How to change the default 404 error page in UMP


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have a issue on our platform and we want to modify the default 404  error page.
Could you tell us where it could be done ?
We try on web.xml in ROOT directory and in conf directory but it doesn't work.



UIM 8.x,9.x,20.x

Component : UIM - UMP


this is controlled by Liferay for the UMP.
Making changes of such as this are not supported by the UIM team.


The 404 pages is controlled by the underlying Liferay portal and is not a function of the UIM application.
As such making changes to it is not supported nor documented.

I did check the Liferay forums and found the following that others have used to make changed to this.

Some external resources point to the '' in file, which you can find it in below location:


For custom 404 pages in the scope of Liferay 6 (having access to UMP portlet in the defined path like /web/*, /user/*),

Liferay community resource

Please make sure you have a full good backup before making changes as troubleshooting any problem related to this is outside the scope of support for the UIM support team.