Timesheet access issue in NEW UI: MY Timesheets page
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Timesheet access issue in NEW UI: MY Timesheets page


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


If we enable the resource for time entry and track mode as PPM for the resource manager, The reportees timesheets are not appearing in the timesheet page and also the user can not see his own timesheet.

If we disable the user for time entry and track mode as 'None',The Resource manager is able to see all his reportees timesheets. 

Need help to understand the MYtimesheets page functionality in the UI.


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This is working as designed the fact that some users are seeing other timesheets under My timesheet tab when open for time entry is not checked and track mode is not set to PPM. This is correct behavior, because you don't have access to do your own timesheet, so you would see others. If you are a user that does not have access to other people, you may get a toast message. it is primarily used by majority of people as access to only 'my timesheet', but people with more access have other people which is your case.

Here is the use case:

Let's say your company has 1000 users and all these users only have access to their own timesheet but the other people that have to manage the approvals should know that they would have their own timesheet, and others but then there is also the smaller subset of people that manage timesheets of others, but don't have to fill in their own timesheet.