Incorrect syntax near ',' during RiskFabric Processing
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Incorrect syntax near ',' during RiskFabric Processing


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Information Centric Analytics Data Loss Prevention Core Package


The RiskFabric Processing job step Run User Loading Procedures (5) or Run Loading Procedures (6) fails and logs the following error in both the SQL Server Agent history log and in the RiskFabric Log_DataTransformation table:

Error Msg: Incorrect syntax near ','

After processing completes, data from one or more integrations has not been processed into the RiskFabric database as expected.


Version : 6.x

Component : Integration Wizard


When a data source query is created and then later modified to add columns, both the old and new columns remain in the data source query's staging table. If the new columns are intended to replace columns from the original integration and an import rule mapping based on that query is not updated to map the new columns in place of the old, this error is thrown.


To resolve this issue, edit the import rule mapping to use the new columns. Alternatively, you can delete and re-create both the data source query and the import rule mapping.