CA Web Viewer 12.1 Messages for 2nd DRAS writing to 1st DRAS
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CA Web Viewer 12.1 Messages for 2nd DRAS writing to 1st DRAS


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I created a second DRAS to service release 12.1 of CA WebViewer.  Everything is working fine but I noticed login, recall and logoff messages for the 2nd DRAS are being recorded in the 1st DRAS joblog. 


Release : 12.1

Component : CA Distributed Repository Access System (CA DRAS)


When you set up the configuration for DRAS using the Web Viewer configtool, you specify the DRAS to use for the Single Sign-on to the mainframe for the initial Web Viewer Logon. You can see and change that setting in your directory path:

/config the file

The relevant line is:


So, when you started using the second DRAS, you were still pointing to the first DRAS server you defined in that properties file. If you want to move to a different DRAS, you will need to update the file, which you can do either manually or by re-running the configtool that resides in the /util directory.

T​here are only 2 other places that may be causing this misdirection.  The first one, on the mainframe side, is in the DRAS Configuration file.  It is defined by the DRASCFG JCL Card in the DRAS task.  There should be a different DRASCFG files for each DRAS with the most important line being the first one:




​That name will also display in the Started Task DRASLOG DSN​

The other possibility is in the Web Viewer Administration Tab for Repositories.  The DRAS defined in the "Repository Location", is the one that will be used and shown in the Advanced Search Tab.  If you move any of the "Available Locations"​listed ​over to the "Selected Locations"​ you w​ill set up DRAS​ to​do Load Balancing​ between the "Repository Location" and any/all "Selected Locations".  It can also be used where the 2nd task​ is​ defined for a fail over process,​ but there are other considerations for that scenario.