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OBS access rights on Custom Investments not correctly applied


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OBS-based rights not correctly applying on Custom Investments.


1. Take a 15.7 Clarity PPM system

2. Add a Custom Investment on the system.
Lets call it Pre1571

3. Upgrade the system to 15.7.1

4. Add a new Custom Investment after the system is upgraded.
Lets call it Post1571

5. Add an OBS (Dep) with a couple of Units. Make sure the OBS is flagged to be Used for Access Rights.

6. Associate the Objects to the OBS

7. Add the following Access Rights for the Platform1 Unit (Edit and View rights for the two Custome Investments)
Pre1571 - Edit
Pre1571 - View
Post1571 - Edit
Post571 - View

8. Add a new Resource.
Lets call him manager01

9. On the Resource, OBS AND PARTITIONS, add the Resource to the Dep OBS (HHRR)

10. On the Resource, Access Rights, make sure the user have Access to Navigate to Custom Investments in the new UI.

Custom Investment - Navigate 
Allows user access to the custom investment page in the modern user experience. The user will only be able to view information for custom investments to which the user has access.

The rights on the custom investment should be added by the OBS association.

11. With the Administrator, create some instances for the Custom Investments, Pre1571 and Post1571.

12. Make sure to add the attribute (Dep) from the Column Panel to the Custome Investment's list. This attribute will display the Units of the OBS (HHRR, DEV)

13. Add HHRR as the value on the first instance for the two Custom Invesments.

14. Log out as admin and log in as manager01.

Expected Results: The user, manager01, is only able to view the first instance for the two custom investments.

Actual Results: The user, manager01, is able to see the first instance of custom investment Post1571, but unable to see any instance on the custom investment Pre1571


Clarity PPM 15.7.1


This is caused by Defect DE54430


Fixed in 15.9 as duplicate of DE58191