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How can a Work Group be deleted by CA AUDITOR for z/OS?


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Auditor for z/OS


Person #1 had set up uses a workgroup for each product installed on the system, and then created a freezer for each product using those workgroups. That person has left the company and many of the products no longer exist and the work groups do not contain any information.  How do the old Work Groups get deleted?


Release : 12.1

Component : CA Auditor for z/OS


Work Groups can be deleted from option 0.1.4, but only be deleted by the person that created the Work Group.  Be sure that the work group does not contain important processing results.  There is no recovery from this function.  All information in the work group is deleted from the freezer database when the work group is deleted.  A users personal work group cannot be deleted..
To delete a work group, enter D (Delete) next to the name of a shared work group