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Email notifications for UIM alarms are delayed by 2+ hours


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are using UIM for production monitoring.
Since the weekend we see that the alerts and emails sent by UIM are coming in with a delay.
Sometimes the alert is sent 2hrs after it was generated.
Please help in finding the root cause.


UIM 8.x, 9.x, 20.x
nas 9.x


There was a delay in the SMTP server causing the problem


the first thing we need to understand is are the alarms coming in on time to the primary hub and the alarm console and the emails are delayed or are the alarms coming into UIM in a delayed fashion.

Usually, if the delay is only in the email notification this will be an issue you need to check with your email admin on as most of the time that is where the slow down is.

I will assume for right now that the alarms are slow to get to the Primary hub and be displayed in the alarm console.

To start investigating you must find and example alarm.
Below are the steps to follow checking that alarm
1) check the origin time on the alarm versus received time these should usually be within a few minutes of each other.

2) check the robot where the alarm came from and check the spooler probe for a backup.

3) check the hub the robot reports to on the huh status tab and check for a backup in messages.

4) Do the same on any hub between the robot hub and the primary hub

If you can not find any backups including on the primary hub this would suggest the problem was in your email delivery and not in the UIM.