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Project manager unable to add resource to project


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Issue with the resource which a project manager is trying to add in the Project but is unable to search while adding him to the team . Is there any other factors which stops the project manager from searching the resource from the Team tab?

Validated the below is set: 

  1. Resource is financially Active
  2. Resource is active in Clarity 
  3. Resource is Open for Time Entry, track Mode Set to PPM


Release : All

Component : Clarity Resource Management


This can be due to the resource missing an OBS if you are granting access based on OBSs


Check to ensure the resource has an OBS assigned, and that the resource trying to add the user is assigned the appropriate access at the OBS level to add the resource

See Add / Book team members - access required for more details

Additional Information

See also: Resource Management Access Rights

For the Modern UX, see: Unable to add staff to project in New UX