How to stop a running NCM Global Sync Task
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How to stop a running NCM Global Sync Task


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The Global Sync Task running on several thousand devices. I want to stop this task from running and make some adjustments. How do I stop this task from running? 


Release : 20.2, 21.2, 22.2

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


An NCM Sync Task should run to completion. Spectrum will log devices that timed out or did not succeed in the task request. In some cases,
  if the task is known to complete in a long time and needs to be stopped, you can try these methods. Note there is no specific trigger to stop
  the task from running. 


Make sure you are logged in as spectrum install user:

1. check for any running perl.exe processes and kill/stop these
        a. if the sync task is running on models that exist on multiple landscapes, check each LS for running perl.exe and stop them

2. try setting the ncm_task_state to "stopped - incomplete"
       a. go to attributes tab on the Global Sync Task and edit ncm_task_state attribute

3. if necessary you can also try to bounce sradmin.exe process: 
       - kill sradmin.exe
       - restart sradmin by navigating to the following directory: 
       - run the following command:  ./sradmin.exe --start

4. last option is to try bouncing SpectroSERVER and processd:
       - stop/start SS via Control Panel
       - processd is in <SPECROOT>/lib/SDPM
       - run ./ --stop
       - wait 1 minute
       - run ./ --start