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Different behaviour on 15.7.1 and on Days Display Units in New UX


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It is possible to display data (Actuals, ETC) in Day units in the New UX, on version 15.7.1.
For that, simply set "Days" as DEFAULT DISPLAY UNIT FOR WORK EFFORT in the Project Management Settings.
Administrations => Project Management => Settings

As from Patch 1 (, the data is no longer displayed in Days on the New UX.


Clarity PPM 15.7.x


The difference of the behaviours observed are introduced by a code change in Patch1, as part of Defect DE51973.

This patch is addressing this Defect: DE51973


As part of the Defect fix DE51973 some changes were done to the code.

Please see below for further details on the defect:

On a release higher than and 15.8, the (new)Tasks, Assignments and Staff modules now show data in hours or FTE.

Note that Days in not a concept enabled on the Modern UX.

However, the legacy Tasks module (now renamed as Tasks Lists) and the Project Details still show the numbers in Days because those are dependent on the general system settings.

The concept of Days is targeted to be introduced in 15.8.1 (expected June 2020)

Once this is live, then all Modern UX pages will have the capability of switching data from Hours to Days and the other way round.

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