Vision Impaired Users and Compliance issue for using TDM
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Vision Impaired Users and Compliance issue for using TDM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Can you provide a patch that makes the software more compliant for users with poor eyesight or blind.

There are two programs that our compliance engineer suggested to use JAWS or NVDA to evaluate your compliance. These software read things like Labels on the screen.

I believe the emphasis is on Self-Service as a first go round. Login Screen, Main Screen, Self Service tiles both find and reserve and those created with ARD  for other use cases.

In Addition the Reservations Screen and the Submitted Job Screens. 




TDM not currently for use with visually impaired users.


This is an initiative of Broadcom as a company to be in compliance for Visually Impaired users.

TDM development is working towards this initiative as well, but as of the date this document, has yet to be done.