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Vertica Backup Question


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We currently have 7 servers for CAPC/CAPM

  1. CAPC (1 server)
  2. CAPM DA (1 server)
  3. CAPM DC (2 servers)
  4. CAPM DR (3 servers)

We do daily backups but lately the space is getting limited, so I have been keep a closer eye on it and forces to remove more backups than I care but such is life.  I've noticed though, that though the backups are pruned from all three servers at the same time, the disk space is different for DR Node 2 and Node 3.

Node 1 /opt/ca/imdrdb/backup - Use%=80% (partition Size is 5TB)

Node 2 /opt/ca/imdrdb/backup - Use%=95% (partition Size is 5TB)

Node 3 /opt/ca/imdrdb/backup - Use%=95% (partition Size is 5TB)

So one question is, does that make sense?  Why is Node 1 at 80% utilized, while Node 2 & 3 are at 95%. Shouldn't they all be relatively close in their backup sizes?

And/or is there a cleanup command that I should or could run on Nodes 2 & 3?


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The backup is working normally and there can be differences in size since each node holds different information and projections. There is no way to trim the backups. However it does have 5 restore points per backup. Decreasing the amount of restore points will decrease the backup size.