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PIM(SAM) 14.0 : Midnight time conversion from 00 to 12 at Start time on Privileged Requests


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CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


Privileged Account is requested for midnight time.
for example:
  Justification: midnight work
    Start Date: Apr 15, 2020, 00:00
    Valid Until: Apr 16, 2020, 00:45

When approver open Privileged Account Request, it converts from 00:xx to 12:xx.
for example:
  Justification: midnight work
    Start Date: Apr 15, 2020, 12:00
    Valid Until: Apr 16, 2020, 00:45

Why is it converted automatically?


OS: Windows 2016, Windows 2012 R2

Release : 14.0

Component : CA ControlMinder - Privileged Passwords


When customer open host list in Enterprise Management Console, it failed to connect to DMS.

It may caused by missing to connect DMS.
If DMS connection is failed, it may fail to get locale information. So, property of hour at the request start date is gotten as locale C.
Secondly or another time stamp is getting without DMS connection. So, it is correct date and time.


By the way the problem may solved after applied OpenJDK migration patch with DMS error.

So, it may cause by ORACLE JDK problem.  


Update password at ac_entm_pers along with manual page:

Change the ac_entm_pers Password

overview is here:
1. open selang and connect to DMS__ 
2. change password for ac_entm_pers
3. open Enterprise Management Console, and select Modify DMS page
4. reboot machine to restart all PIM related service.
or Apply OpenJDK migration patch. I suggest update ac_entm_pers to solve DMS connect error since it is requirement for working Enterprise Management Console.

Additional Information

This problem is reported using only Web browser with Japanese Environment after upgrade from PIM r12.8 CF3 to PIM 14.0.
Also, the problem is occurred old machine name is defined in DNS as alias of new machine.