Alert is not generating for service from net_connect probe
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Alert is not generating for service from net_connect probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have configured RDP service port monitoring in net_connect probe. We can able test the connection but alert is not generating.


  • Release: 8.51
  • Component: UIM NET CONNECT
  • net_connect probe v3.31 or higher


Please refer to "Configure service monitoring" at this link:

Used the latest GA version, net_connect 3.37.

Also make sure there is only 1 service and port defined for RDP and port 3389, and test the service/connection.

Select 'Force Service Check' in the net_connect probe Setup properties->General, in case the node is not ping-able. Then it will still throw an alarm when the service is not responding.

'Force service check' reference:

"Force Service Check" option, as per Raw configure for the net_connect probe,


should be set to yes.

How to test the results:

You can test whether or not you get an alarm to confirm its working.

Deactivate the service and you should receive the alarm from net_connect for the service being down.