Upgrading SQL Recommendations for IDM
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Upgrading SQL Recommendations for IDM


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Does Broadcom supply any documentation for how to upgrade SQL that is being utilized by Identity Manager or other Identity Suite appliances? Is there a best practice?


Release : 14.X

Component : IdentityMinder(Identity Manager)
Component : IdentitySuite(Identity Suite)


As per instructions for the SQL upgrade itself, Broadcom does not have recommendations. However, we can provide the best recommended steps for what needs to be done while you are upgrading against your SQL server.

Here are the recommendations:

1) Shut down ALL Identity Suite appliances that are communicating with the SQL server.
2) Have SQL team confirm there are no open connections to SQL.
3) Take a snapshot of your SQL server.
4) Upgrade your SQL server
5) Once the upgrade is complete, start ALL Identity Suite appliances and test functionality.

If there are no changes to the machine name / DNS / IP address of the SQL server then no further actions will need to be taken but if they have changed you will need to edit the data sources against IDM.

Reference Material (Standalone):

Reference Material (VAPP):

If you experience any issues after the upgrade please reference your server logs for any errors for troubleshooting and if under a time restraint please utilize the snapshot you took to revert your SQL server upgrade.